Rinky Dink

Rinky Dink Education Programme

It's an educational vehicle!

Think about it for a moment:
The RinkyDink is a perfect demonstration of some basic principles
and it's all built round the instant attraction of music
every kid we've ever met ends up thinking the end result is pretty cool!
RinkyDink really does make learning interesting and fun!

this much leg power equals this much electricity
- if you want it out, you've got to put it in!

gearing and drive:
the RinkyDink is mechanically visible
it doesn't all happen in a sealed box or under a lid
the workings are clear

the role of different components (and what happens if you change them round)

How much power do we need? What for?

RinkyDink have developed teaching modules, in collaboration with educational charity Groundwork, on basic energy and alternative technology themes. These have been used in schools all round the country (references available).

There are workshop sessions aimed at three age-groups:

Infants School: recognising and finding the parts of the machine

8/9 years old: The Energy Chain:
sunlight -> plants -> food -> muscle energy -> generator power

GCSE: electricity, volts/amps/watts; gearing & elementary mechanics

Other educational & workshop programmes in preparation:
- Build your own pedal power generator (60-100w) for under £50
- Energy from the Sun. Part-magic, part performance, part scientific demonstration of the fundamental principles of energy.

It has been said that any sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic. The same goes for alternative & sustainable and renewable technologies - renewable magic! We're looking into some of the old illusions from the great days of the circus & the music hall - we'll astound you with the simplest things!

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